Creative Medicine

This blog is for me, it’s part of my healing. I’m quite a naturally creative person, however I’ve never really pursued any of my outlets, from drawing and writing, to acting, all of which I love.

JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter while she was suffering from depression, and I’ve also read that Emma Thompson (my absolute favourite actor) used writing as a way to help her while going through depression also. I knew that this worked for some people, but it wasn’t until I was declared unfit to work that I felt like I really needed to express myself in written form.

There’s something so powerful about transferring thoughts into words. Especially when suffering from a mental illness, it gives me the feeling of regaining power from it. I’m taking back control of my mind when I write and it’s so helpful for me. And thoughts become solid, they’re there in black and white so I can capture the ones I need to, good or bad.

And it’s not just writing that I’ve used, I’ve also gone back to drawing to help me, and found a new hobby as a creative outlet, knitting. I’ve started my own sketch book of small moments of happiness in my life, so that when I can’t see or feel them, they’ll be there for me to look at. As a beginner at knitting, it requires a lot of concentration and attention, which gives the battle which is being waged in my mind a well needed respite.

I’m thinking further down the line now where I’m considering my career and how I can use my creativity more. I’ve always thought of it as a hobby, but it’s so much more than that for me now.

I love it. I love being creative. I love myself being creative.

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