Wounded Healer

Mental illness is everywhere. But you’d never know because people still are talking about it enough. We need real life testimonies but not from just a few famous people, from everyone.

I’ve been open and honest with my friends about what I’m going through at the moment. And they’ve been incredible. I can’t thank them enough for their support, it really makes the difference.

But since opening up about my own experiences, nearly all of them have decided to go to the GP themselves about their own struggles with mental health. I’m glad that by talking about it, I may have given others the confidence to seek help themselves and be open. But what I’ve found happening in this instance, is because the people we are open with about mental illness, are often mentally ill themselves, it means that those who need support are also trying to give it and it all can become to much.

I desperately want to help my friends like they’ve helped me, but am I the right person to be giving any sort of advice?

And yet times when I’m slightly less lethargic than others, I’ve found myself stepping up. I’ve found myself being this person who can help and be there. Sometimes I feel like a fraud, because I’m saying these things that I never say to myself. I can’t take my own advice.

I suppose that’s why we need each other.

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