What NOT to do to People who Self Harm

  1. Shout at them for doing it.
  2. Make them feel guilty because they’re upsetting you.
  3. Ignore them until they stop if they do it around you.
  4. Point out how bad it is.
  5. Ignore it all completely.
  6. Take it personally.
  7. Try to fix them.
  8. Try to understand more than it’s possible. (I don’t even understand why I do it so you definitely won’t)
  9. Not realise it’s unlikely to stop until the core issues have been solved.
  10. Not realise it’s an addiction.
  11. Accuse them of attention-seeking.
  12. Hide any objects that they use.
  13. Believe you can control the person’s actions.
  14. Put pressure on them to stop when they’re not ready.

These are just some that I wanted to include but feel free to add any in the comments.



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