June 2017


Simply enough – I’ve been too depressed and tired to even read lately (which then makes me even more depressed). What I have actually managed to read has taken much longer to get through than normal which is why there’s only one solitary book on June’s list.

  • The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

“Feo grinned, and sniffed the sharpness of the air. ‘It’s the most talkative weather there is,’ she told Tenderfoot.”


This was a very sweet and enjoyable children’s book. As a wannabe writer, I’m making sure to soak up a lot of different age ranges and one of the best books I’ve read lately was a kids book (The Girl of Ink and Stars). But unfortunately, this one didn’t just quite wow me.

I would happily read this to my children but it didn’t translate very well for adult reading. I got a little bored midway through the book which I would purely put down to my age. It had beautiful moments of whimsy which I always love but was lacking substance for an older reader.

My favourite part was the setting. I adore snow which is why I chose the quote above. I just wanted to be whisked away into the snow-covered forest Feo was adventuring through with my own trusty wolves next to me to keep me warm.

I’ll definitely keep it on my shelf for future bedtime stories!

Again, I am delayed but hopefully I can pick it back up, but this time I’m not promising anything just in case! In the meantime, keep up to date with where I’m escaping to on my Goodreads profile, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Page.

Happy reading. 💕📚

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