Heading In A New Direction


I’m heading back to University! Who knew that I’d be saying that…

Ever since beginning this blog, my love for literature and writing has blossomed into something more powerful than anything else in my life. Reading and writing saved me and it started to seem silly for me not to attempt to include these things in my work. So I started to think about careers in writing and publishing but both are hard endeavours. I settled into Communications, combining my writing skills and my marketing skills into one role.

I’m now in a new part-time comms role, something which has done wonders for my health. It was really tough to accept that maybe I just couldn’t do full-time right now, but it was 100% the right decision and I started to feel the difference almost immediately.

As my mental health started to improve, I looked to the future. I wanted to use my extra time each week to recover and do the things I love. My aim was to begin writing my novel and that’s exactly what I did. After diving in, something occurred to me – I need help!

And that leads me to where I am this month – a matter of weeks from beginning a Masters course in English Literature & Creative Writing. It all worked out so well and I thought that if I don’t do it now, then I probably won’t. I’ll be studying literature and honing my creative writing skills part-time; gaining valuable knowledge to pursue my own fiction and move on to publishing in the future. Alongside, in my job, I’ll be working in a familiar and fulfilling environment which challenges me whilst facilitating self-care.

I feel quite humbled and emotional about this new path that I’m about to take. Mere months ago I had lost all hope and would never have imagined this. I suppose it reminds you that no matter how dark the world looks, the future is still unwritten. I really struggle with having faith in life, but if I hadn’t held onto the little that I did have, I wouldn’t have had the chance to point myself in a new direction – full of things I enjoy. Because really, that’s what life should be all about.


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