The Gloaming by Kirsty Logan

“However hard we try to make a deal with the world, the world hasn’t agreed. Nature can’t love us back.”


Kirsty Logan’s first novel The Gracekeepers is one of my favourite novels, so when I got the chance to read this new book I was very excited and thankfully, it didn’t disappoint! It obviously wasn’t quite as good as The Gracekeepers in my opinion but that would have been very difficult. I love the way that Logan weaves in fantasy and magic with real characters and storytelling.

I always laugh when I describe Logan’s novels because on the face of it, they sound quite strange. But actually, they’re exactly the kind of novel where it seems completely normal to you that when people die on this particular Scottish island they slowly turn to stone and then pose at the top of a hill in their final moments. A writer who does this is very talented indeed.

I’m looking forward to reading more of Logan’s novels in the future, she’s shaping up to be my favourite contemporary author!

See book details on Goodreads ➡️

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