The Bees by Laline Paull

“You have wings and courage and a brain. Do not annoy me by asking permission.”


24441639If you’re looking for a book wildly different and unique from anything you’ve ever read before, then look no further than The Bees.

I literally couldn’t compare this with anything. I bow down to Laline Paull’s imagination and level of research she must have done to write this book successfully. Obviously, from a scientific perspective, we know a lot about bee hives but Laline Paull brings this all to life by creating the story of this specific hive and Flora 717.

What I found so fascinating was the conflict Flora felt between prioritising herself or her community. It’s so human and reminded me of the inner contradictions we all face every day.

I would say that it’s not the easiest or fastest read. It takes time to get used to the world and sometimes I found it quite hard to imagine the layout of the hive. Having said this, after adapting to the style, it was very enjoyable and I got swept up in Flora’s plight.

Full book details available on Goodreads ➡️

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