The Silence of Girls by Pat Barker

“…in my experience men are curiously blind to aggression in women. They’re the warriors, with their helmets and armour, their swords and spears, and they don’t seem to see our battles”


38470229After reading Circe by Madeline Miller, I was drawn to this book because of its Greek mythology themes, but something just didn’t quite work for me.

That is not to say I didn’t enjoy it. It was very readable but it was one of those novels where I’d finished reading 50 pages and couldn’t for the life of me think about what just happened. I want to say boring, but in the moment it wasn’t. I suppose it was my reflection on it.

Barker is, without a doubt, an excellent writer and there was evidence of fantastic literature in this book, but I wasn’t dying to keep reading. In fact, this book took me longer than normal to read.

I think if you’re looking for a fiction book on the Trojan war, I’d probably suggest trying Miller’s The Song of Achilles first, but this is still enjoyable.

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