Vox by Christina Dalcher

“Rage had been crackling inside me like a fire, first a slow burn, then an inferno.”


39932930The premise of this book hooked me immediately. A feminist dystopia based in the very near future (or even alternative present) where women now have a quota of 100 words they can use during the day alongside pretty much all their other rights having been taken away from them.

It is very Handmaid’s Tale-like but in a lot of ways, far more frightening. What was clear to me was that this scenario honestly isn’t such an unbelievable possibility. A book that can tap into the current political scene so effortlessly definitely makes for an interesting read.

My only criticism was that a lot of the scientific side of things went over my head. The author is an expert in theoretical linguists and it shows in the book. Sometimes in a good way – it’s realistic and researched – sometimes in a bad way – it’s too complex for the average reader.

Despite this, it makes for a thrilling dystopia and a reminder to keep fighting against the patriarchy at all costs.

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