The Last by Hanna Jameson

-Quotation to come-

40048961The premise of this book hooked me immediately. The whole idea is that the world goes into nuclear war and cities across the world along with general infrastructure are destroyed. The focus is on a hotel in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland which has managed to avoid destruction. The remaining people in the hotel then have to deal with the aftermath and potentially a murderer in their midst.

I can’t say too much about it without any spoilers but I will just say that I think this book was pitched wrong. I don’t think it was necessarily a bad book, but my expectations weren’t met from the blurb.

Unfortunately, you can’t go into a book without any assumptions and they do affect your enjoyment of it. I wouldn’t really recommend it but I also wouldn’t say it’s not worth reading if you fancy it.

See full book details on Goodreads ➡️

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