Reaching Out

A couple of months ago, as you may know from my previous posts, I dropped down to the depths of a black pit called d-e-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n. But then I managed to make it out. I found a rope that's been there the whole time and climbed it. But as expected, I couldn't maintain it for very... Continue Reading →

Well, This is Weird…

I hit rock bottom the other day. I got a call at the very moment was contemplating death from a guy at Hello Fresh who saved my life. He ended up completely ignoring his job and giving me a motivation speech instead. I need to thank him, he was a complete stranger who had faith... Continue Reading →

The Lost Little Teenager

Dear 17-year-old Kate, I forgive you. You know you've done some bad things. You self-medicated to cope with the feelings which you now know to be depression and anxiety. You treated people worse than they deserved, and you also allowed yourself to be treated badly. But what you haven't done is forgive yourself for making... Continue Reading →

The Long Haul

I really am quite sick. And it's not an illness I can cure. Depression is going to be with me for probably my whole life, and holy crap does that scare the shit out of me. I'm scared about what I can do, what I can't do; what my life is going to me like.... Continue Reading →


There are two people in this park throwing a ball to each other. Nothing special. It's raining, but sunny and the floor is covered in beautiful autumn coloured leaves. And I'm sat here trying to find things to live for. Maybe that's it, maybe it's those tiny moments which feel fairly insignificant in the grand... Continue Reading →

Expectations vs. Reality

At what point do we stop expecting that anything will be good? This isn't meant to be supremely negative, more realistic. I often get my hopes up about a lot of things. Not necessarily wrongly, but just overly excited. But what does this create? A massive anti-climax. Society creates this idea that some things will... Continue Reading →

What Do I Actually Want?

I've spent a lot of time and effort in my life making decisions based on other people. What will look the best? What will sound the most impressive? What will I tell my future children? It's never about what I actually want. This is a really bad habit and I'm still trying to train myself out... Continue Reading →

Understanding My Illnesses

I've suffered from a few dips over the last couple of weeks. I mostly put this down to how unstable my life has been. I've moved out of my home to travel with my boyfriend until September which, although I know is an amazing opportunity, makes me feel quite lost because I'm definitely a person... Continue Reading →

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