Sickness Stigma

There's a fine line between being rightly annoyed about lack of sympathy and being a needy little bitch. I believe I might be floating around that line with this post, so if you've had personal experience in this area, I'd love to know what you've been through. I've never been off sick for a long... Continue Reading →

When Mental Meets Physical

I've been going through a lot lately. I can't share the full details of the situation, but let's just accept that even the most mentally stable people would be struggling in my position right now. Has anyone else managed to keep going even though there's an endless barrage of bad news? Well, I've been doing that... Continue Reading →

Well, This is Weird…

I hit rock bottom the other day. I got a call at the very moment was contemplating death from a guy at Hello Fresh who saved my life. He ended up completely ignoring his job and giving me a motivation speech instead. I need to thank him, he was a complete stranger who had faith... Continue Reading →

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