Living Everyday

I can't believe it's already April 2018! This year has gone so fast already. I have some positive news - I'm still doing well. Counselling is obviously still very difficult but I know it's making a difference, and I'm lucky enough to have found a counsellor who is a great fit for me. It's a... Continue Reading →

Counselling and Recovery

It's been a while since I posted about my mental health, and to be honest mostly that's been because there's not been much to say. I've been slowly improving and believe it or not (I'm not sure I do most of the time) I can barely feel my depression every day now. My patronus is... Continue Reading →

Knowing My Limits

I'm lucky enough to say that I've been managing my depression and anxiety fairly well for the last month or two. Part of this is due to going down to working only two days a week, giving me enough time to heal and practice self-care. Recently, I've started my part-time Master's course and taken on... Continue Reading →

Heading In A New Direction

I'm heading back to University! Who knew that I'd be saying that... Ever since beginning this blog, my love for literature and writing has blossomed into something more powerful than anything else in my life. Reading and writing saved me and it started to seem silly for me not to attempt to include these things... Continue Reading →

Sickness Stigma

There's a fine line between being rightly annoyed about lack of sympathy and being a needy little bitch. I believe I might be floating around that line with this post, so if you've had personal experience in this area, I'd love to know what you've been through. I've never been off sick for a long... Continue Reading →

July 2017

Welcome to July - the month of Kate's Harry Potter obsession! Find the three Harry Potter books on Pottermore, but they're only available in e-book form at the moment. Next month will be more varied - not that I'm ashamed! You're always allowed to over-dose on Harry Potter... Depression: Vintage Minis by William Styron Short... Continue Reading →

William Styron

For those who have dwelt in depression's dark wood, and known its inexplicable agony, their return from the abyss is not unlike the ascent of the poet trudging upward and upward out of hell's black depths and at last emerging into what he saw as "the shining world". There, whoever has been restored to the... Continue Reading →

Wonderfully Bored

Who would've thought I'd miss being bored?! If your depression is anything like me, it zaps all energy and motivation to do anything meaning you can never be bored because you never want to do anything but nothing. I'd never get bored just sitting in front of Netflix endlessly and never interacting with the world.... Continue Reading →

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